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Head teacher 

Welcome to Ashfield Nursery School

I have been Head Teacher of Ashfield Nursery School for 11 years and it is a real pleasure and absolute privilege to welcome you to our website.

Ashfield Nursery is truly a unique school with a long history of providing the first high quality early years education in Elswick since 1932.

We have a very unique building with the most spectacular outdoor area.
I am passionate that our Outstanding school (see our last 3 Ofsted inspection reports) is built on excellent teaching, consistently high attainment and achievement and the memorable, creative experiences we give our children.

My vision is that the children of Ashfield Nursery leave us as happy, successful and confident young people who are eager and academically ready for their next stage of learning. Our children work, play and learn together harmoniously they learn to be respectful towards the exciting differences of cultures in modern British society.  With your support we will continue to make Ashfield Nursery a safe, exciting place for your children to learn, grow and flourish.

Yours Sincerely

Anne Stoker
Head Teacher

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Please find below our School Booklet for further information on our Nursery

School Booklet

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Our school is currently consulting over a potential hard federation with two other local nursery schools.
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School Booklet

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